LA unveils monument for Nanjing hero

Added On November 15, 2017

A monument of Dr. Robert O. Wilson, the American physician who saved many lives during Nanjing Massacre, has been unveiled in Arcadia, southern California. 
Lifestyle went to have a look.
The unveiling ceremony was held at the United Methodist Church in Arcadia. 
Around 300 guests attended the ceremony, including Robert's daughter, Marjorie Garrett.
SOUNDBITE 1 (English) MARJORIE GARRETT, daughter of Dr. Robert Wilson
"This story needs to be told for the younger generation of today. The younger generation needs to know that this happened. Because of that and because of the community that I live in, the church is dedicating, making an attribute to my father and honoring him."
Wilson was born in Nanjing but studied in America. 
After graduating from Harvard Medical School, he returned to Nanjing and became a surgeon. 
As the war escalated, Wilson soon found himself at the center of the Nanjing Massacre, and responsible for treating the victims of the ongoing atrocities.
The selfless work of Wilson and his associates saved the lives of countless civilians.
SOUNDBITE 2 (Chinese)YINGYING CHANG, Mother of Iris Chang
"We hope that more people pay attention to Nanjing Massacre. We cannot forget the history."