China's J-10 jet on Dubai Airshow

Added On November 15, 2017

The J-10 jet from China's Air Force is normally unseen, flying at twice the speed of sound, and nearly two kilometers up in the sky.
But spectators are enjoying a rare chance to meet on the ground - at this year's Dubai Airshow.
Six fighter jets of Chinese Air Force's August 1st Demonstration Team flew over Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport in the first flight demonstration Sunday. 
Behind them they leave smoke trails and the jet's iconic roaring sound, as they made formations of barrel rolls, vertical stunts and parallel flights.
It's just the fourth time they've performed outside China.
SOUNDBITE1(CHINESE): CAO ZHENZHONG, August 1st Demonstration Team
"When we do performance outside China, our efforts have been appreciated by the overseas Chinese and the fans of our team who followed there. It makes all worth it."
The pilots are flying with more professionalism amid the upgrading of the aircraft themselves.
SOUNDBITE2(CHINESE): ZHANG LIELIN, Aerobatic team member
"J-10 is the third-generation fighter designed and manufactured by Chinese indigenous technologies. This mode is based on interactive platform with qualitative upgrade."
It's not just enthusiasts enjoying the performances by the team, their fellow pilots are also watching on. 
SOUNDBITE3(ENGLISH): COL. NASSER AL OBAIDLI, Fursan Al Emirates team leader
"We enjoyed their show for sure. (August 1st is) one of the best teams we've seen coming to Dubai, we enjoy the aircraft, and such talented pilots as usual. Maybe one day we'd like to fly together, two teams fly in the air together."
The biennial Dubai Airshow is one of the largest in the world. In 2015, more than a thousand exhibitors from 63 countries took part, and made deals worth over 37 billion U.S. dollars.