Zimbabwe's cabinet reshuffle

Added On December 3, 2017

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday made minor changes to his cabinet.

He dropped two ministers he had appointed to the new cabinet just a day earlier.
The president replaced education minister Lazarus Dokora with his deputy Paul Mavhima.
He also dropped Professor Clever Nyathi as labor minister and replaced with ZANU-PF lawmaker Petronella Kagonye.
Mnangagwa on Thursday appointed a 22-member cabinet.
Among his appointments are two military officials. 
However, his appointments received mixed reactions from the public.
PETER SWAREYI, Resident in Harare said "According to what we are hearing in the public, they are not happy with the cabinet because we were thinking that we were going to have a government of national unity. So if you are having a cabinet with only, we saw there are so many Generals in the cabinet of which we were not expecting to get Generals in the cabinet, we were expecting to get young blood to represent the public and not to take the Generals and put them in the cabinet. 
Another resident BRIAN HWATA said "We removed Mugabe. Mugabe went because with his whole crew the economy was going down, so he should have put new guys. New things. You see there are no jobs, there are no industries. You can just look there, pirate taxis, vendors ball over because we have got nothing to do."
According to the constitution, Mnangagwa is allowed to appoint only five non-legislators into cabinet but he had appointed seven of them.
The opposition had begun threatening to sue him for violating the constitution.