UN helps Africa's green industrialization

Added On December 4, 2017

The United Nations has pledges to help African countries embrace green industrialization pathways. 

UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) said on Saturday at a science forum in Nairobi that many African countries are looking towards structural transformation through industrialization.

UN is supporting a number of African countries to tap the huge opportunities of green industrialization.

The ultimate objective is to create non-fossil based economies.

The UN body will provide technical support and advisory capacity services towards a low carbon development pathway. 

It also emphasizes that green industrialization is needed because the region is experiencing mega trends, such as rising middle class and urbanization rates.

Africa is very much dependent on natural resources which are currently extracted and exported in raw form.

The UNECA further urges Africa to think of how to achieve development differently, given that the continent is hardest hit by climate change.

The sectors that are likely to benefit from green industrialization include the energy, manufacturing and waste industries.