Great Christmas pudding race

Added On December 4, 2017

This year sees the 37th anniversary for the Great Christmas Pudding Race in London.

Participants have raced around the capital's West Piazza to kick start the Christmas spirit and raise money for Cancer Research U.K..
London's creativity has exploded with Christmas joy all in the name of charity on Saturday.
CATHERINE IRVING, Regional Manager, Cancer Research UK said "……It's here every year in Covent Garden to raise fund for Cancer Research UK. It's volunteer-led, so everyone who puts on is a volunteer, raising money. And they have been doing this for 37 years now."
The event is organized by a local volunteer committee called 'Cancer Research Aid Committee'(CRAC).
It has raised 1.5 million pounds in total for Cancer Research UK so far.
MACLEOD, Participant said "It was a great way to raise money for charity. It was quite tricky to carry the pudding around with this hat getting in the way. It’s not the best costume but it looks funny, so that’s good.I think everyone has fun and they also raise the awareness about the cancer research, so I think it’s -good, very good."
As the world's leading charity,the Cancer Research U.K. is dedicated to beating cancer through research. 
It relies entirely on donation to carry on cancer research.