Hollywood filmmaker on Arab films

Added On December 4, 2017

The Golden Globe award winner Hany Abu-Assad has been chosen as member of the jury panel of the 39th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF). 

His movie "The Mountain Between Us" starring with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba has been selected as the festival's opening film.

In a recent interview with CNC, the Palestinian-born director said the Arab cinema is promising but it needs hark work and self-development to reach a better world status.
The director said that the Arab cinema should reach to the Arab audience first before it reaches to the world, noting that Arabs generally like to watch entertainment movies rather than those with intellectual, social or cultural effects.
But the director said he is optimistic as there are really new thoughtful self-connected Arab moviemakers who can make constructive films that reach broad audience.  
HANY ABU-ASSAD,Director said "I'm happy to see now a generation of directors and actors who have a new vision and pay a lot of efforts to make the Arab cinema reach a higher world status." 
In the movie "The Mountain Between Us", Winslet and Elba play two strangers who survive a plane crash that unfortunately happens atop a mountain.
He said the choice of the stars was done after a lot of discussions and meetings and that he recommended Winslet and Elba after he saw them side by side at a ceremony of the British Academy Film Awards. 
He also pointed out that "The film is a unique experience for me, because it is so difficult for any filmmaker,not only an Arab,to convince a large studio that he is a good director who can run large crews,large budgets and movie stars,it requires long experience as a director in the cinema industry,so I feel it is an accomplishment in my career."
As for the Chinese cinema, Abu-Assad said it has greatly developed over the past four decades to secure a better place in the world cinema industry.
HANY ABU-ASSAD discussed that: "Chinese directors even influenced us as non-Chinese filmmakers.One of those creative Chinese filmmakers is Zhang Yimou of the 'Rise of the Red Lantern'. Filmmakers play a very important role in featuring their world to the other world."