A Chamber music version of Peking Opera

Added On December 4, 2017

What kind of spark will be wiped out when Peking Opera meets Western Chamber Music?

A chamber music version of Farewell to My Concubine performed by opera star Shi Yihong will give you all-new experience.
Let's take a look.
According to the first-level actress of Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre, the new version of traditional Peking Opera combing chamber music will make a global premiere in Shanghai in December 15th. 
SHI YIHONG, Opera Actress said: "We hope that in this age, in this special environment such as chamber music, we are making some attempts. We want to make more people have a close contact with Peking Opera while have different experiences in music as well. I hope that we can make such a new attempt."
After years of performing Peking Opera, Shi Yihong found that western audience cannot understand the sound structure of Jinghu, gongs and drums in Peking Opera’s accompaniment.
They sometimes think the accompaniment is noisy, so that will be a big obstacle for Peking Opera to be accepted by western audience.
Composer Jin Fuzai also joined the team of the experimental opera.
JIN FUZAI, Composer noticed that: "My original thinking is to make experiment. And the problem is what kind of experiment we should make. I think Chinese operas, foreign operas and modern musicals have a lot of common characteristics. But they still have different ways of expression."
By absorbing the advantages of Western symphony music on the basis of adhering the core of Peking Opera, the team hopes to get through the gap between the traditional Chinese opera language and the Western symphony.