Dream town project benefits disabled persons

Added On December 4, 2017

December 3rd is the International Day of Disable Persons which was proclaimed in 1992 by the U.N..

In Linyi city,east China's Shandong Proivince, local authorities have launched a "Dream Town Project",aiming to provide assistance to persons with disabilities to make a living by themselves.
53-year-old Guo Chengfu became disabled after contracting polio as a child.
Guo is one of beneficiaries in the 'Dream Town Project' launched by local  disabled persons'federation in Linyi.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) GUO CHENGFU, Beneficiary of Dream Town Project
"The local disabled persons'federation launched an incubator training program in the project. It is designated to provide services for disabled persons.It gives us all kinds of assistance, developing our skills, solving our problems. It gives us huge mental inspiration."
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) GUO CHENGFU, Beneficiary of Dream Town Project
"I began to make a living by painting and calligraphy works at the age of 50. My online shop has gained popularity.I can sell them based on market demands. I have received customer's recognition gradually.With my skills improved, I can sell my works at a higher price."
The online shop not only makes profits for Guo, but brings him confidence and spiritual satisfaction.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) GUO CHENGFU, Beneficiary of Dream Town Project
"When my first order was placed, I began to feel confident about life. I thought I could make profits by studying e-commerce. I was too excited to sleep."
Wang Ying, 21-year old, disabled by cerebral palsy. 
Her family have made bamboo products for 10 years. But they made too little money to survive by running offline shops. With the help of Dream Town Project, she started her online shops in 2013.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE)Wang Ying,Beneficiary of the Dream Town Project 
"I talked with my mom, and we agreed to sell our products online. Now we’re running 3 shops, with an annual income of more than 1 million RMB."
"Please polish here. Never send defective products to our customers."
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE)Wang Ying,Beneficiary of the Dream Town Project 
"The project creates opportunities for us to start a business. I learned a lot from the training courses. I met many e-commerce elites. Talking with them, I got a clearer picture of running shops online."
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) WANG HUIMIN,Local official, Federation of Disabled Persons
"We not only want to sell products, but to sell a kind of spirit.It is a self-reliance and independent spirit. We want to move the society by our actions."
Being dream chasers, Guo and Wang now want to help others start e-commerce business with their skills, especially those disabled, to shake off poverty.