Ukraine attaches importance to coop with China

Added On December 5, 2017

A senior Ukrainian official told CNC that Ukraine wants to join efforts with China to translate their cooperation potential into practical results.

Natalia Mykolska, deputy minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine, said their task is to turn the opportunities and the potential into concrete practical projects.
Mykolska said Ukraine attaches a great importance to its long-term economic cooperation with China. 
She noticed that "For us, China is a strategic partner in the economic and trade field. Ukraine and China can effectively work together on foreign markets. Ukraine can become China's gateway to the European Union, and China is a strategically very important market and a source of investment for us." 
Mykolska, who headed a Ukrainian delegation to the meeting of the Chinese-Ukrainian Subcommittee on Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing last month, highlighted that the two countries have developed a roadmap to carry forward the economic partnership.
Mykolska said two countries have defined a string of very important areas on which Ukraine and China will focus next year.
She also pointed out that "The agriculture field is among these priority areas. Another important sector is machine-building. Chinese investors could make products which will be exported to Europe, by using Ukraine's cheap soil and high-level labor."
While speaking on the business-to-business collaboration, Mykolska said more and more Ukrainian companies are preparing to do business with China.
The trade representative of Ukraine stressed that the Chinese market is very attractive to Ukrainian food producers due to its size. 
She saied: "China is defined as a 'market in focus' under the 'Export Strategy of Ukraine'. Now we are at the stage when this interest should begin to turn into major projects."
Next week, a Chinese delegation headed by Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai is set to visit Kiev to participate in the meeting of the Chinese-Ukrainian intergovernmental commission.