Yomari punhi festival in Nepal

Added On December 5, 2017

Nepal's ethnic community Newar celebrated "Yomari Punhi" festival on Sunday with merriment. 

The festival is named after "Yomari", which means a Newari food, and "Punhi", which means full moon.
The festival, which marks the end of the rice harvest, is celebrated coinciding with the full moon day in December. 
It is the time when farmers finish harvesting and engage in celebration after worshipping Annapurna, goddess of grains and food.
On the occasion, Newar people dressed in ethnic costumes took part in a musical procession around historical site Basantapur Durbar Square.
The major attraction of this festival is a Newari delicacy named "Yomari", which is the traditionally prepared food made of rice flour, molasses and sesame seeds.  
It is said that the sweet dish will help people survive winter in a smooth way. 
People also believe that the longer the tail of Yomari, the longer the days and shorter cold nights in winter.