Brexit talks still in deadlock

Added On December 5, 2017

Despite expectations of a breakthrough, Brexit talks between the EU and Britain remained at an impasse on Monday.

The two sides are said to be close to agreement on compensation and citizen's rights.
However the issue of the Northern Ireland border is proving divisive. 
In a hastily arranged press conference on Monday, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the deadlock is not a failure. 
He said it was the "start of the very last", and the two will be continuing their talks later in the week.
Calling May "a tough negotiator" in his 2-minute briefing, Juncker said he is confident that sufficient progress could be reached before the EU summit slated for Dec. 15.
Standing alongside him, British Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters that "we will conclude this positively."
Prior to May's Brussels trip, expectations were high for breakthroughs on three major Brexit issues, namely the divorce bill, citizen's rights, and the Irish border. 
It's this last which is proving particularly tricky. 
Theresa May's Government is reliant on the votes of the Democratic Unionist Party, who adamently oppose any form of reunification with the rest of the island.
Irish parties are equally keen not have their soft border, turn hard, which they say will impact trade and be difficult to manage.