Yemen's former president saleh killed

Added On December 5, 2017

A senior Houthi official has confirmed to CNC that former President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed.

The official said Saleh and his party's Assistant General Secretary were killed while they were trying to escape to Saudi-backed Marib province.
Saleh's nephew and relatives, as well as the general secretary of Saleh's party were also killed.
Saleh ruled Yemen for 33 years until protests that erupted during the Arab Spring in 2011 forced him to step down.
In late 2014, Saleh allied with the Houthi militants and seized power from the internationally recognized government led by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. 
But the alliance broke down lately with the two sides fighting each other in the capital Sanaa and other regions in the past week. 
Analysts say the murder of Saleh has opened the door for a broader conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has been bombing the Houthi militants since they seized power with support from forces loyal to Saleh in late 2014. 
It accuses Iran of providing weapons to the Houthis including ballistic missiles, some of which were fired into Riyadh, the Saudi capital. 
But Iran and the Houthis have denied the claims.