Unmanned supermarket in Wuzhen

Added On December 5, 2017

Leading Internet companies are showing off their latest products at the Fourth World Internet Conference in the eastern China town of Wuzhen.

Among them is Alibaba's unmanned supermarket.
Let's take a look.
"We are here at the 4th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. And behind me is a remarkable example of China's outstanding high-tech development - a paymentless shop. Let's take a look. The shop is called the TMall Supermarket and is part of e-commerce Giant Taobao. Customers scan a code with their phones to get in and then you're free to peruse what's on offer. Customers grab what they want and can then just walk straight out without any of fuss of queuing or paying. It's all done with the barriers here. Amazing! "
The unmanned supermarket uses advanced digital payment technology, including biological recognition and in-depth learning.
Customers need to have an Alipay account and the payment for their purchases are automatically deducted from their account when they leave the store.
Take it and go, the new model for the retail industry offers people a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.