1st panda born in France gets name

Added On December 6, 2017

The first-ever panda cub born in France officially has a name.
The cub, whose name is jointly given by the two first ladies of China and France, is seen as a symbol of the two country's growing relations. 
STANDUP: HAN QIAN, CNC Correspondent 
"The first panda born in France got his official name four month after its birth at Zoo Beauval in central France. Yuan Meng which means the realization of a dream was chose jointly by the two first ladies of China and France. After several attempts and joint efforts of the two countries, France finally welcomed the birth of a panda cub. Yuan Meng is considered as a symbol of the friendly relationship between China and Franc which is entering a new phase with French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to China in January 2018." 
French first lady Brigitte Macron revealed the name of the panda baby at a ceremony on Monday.
"Yuan Meng and his parents are the illustration of a dialogue that has always been fruitful between our two countries who, for centuries, have got along and understood each other."
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): ZHANG YESUI, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister 
"Yuan Meng means 'dreams come true'. It's a symbol of people's blessing to the cub, as well as to the friendship between China and France."
Born on Aug. 4, the baby panda had been called as "Mini Yuan Zi," referring to his father Yuan Zi, who arrived with his female partner Huan Huan in France in January 2012.  
SOUNDBITE (English): ETUARD AUGARDE, Communication Service, Zoo Beauval
"Yes, I'm very happy and I think my colleagues and all the families of Zoo Beauval are very happy. It is a privilege to have a baby panda here, and you know its real name today is a great joy for everybody and his name is a great thing because Yuan Meng is dreams come true, and actually for us it is reality, dreams come true. So it is a very good thing for us to have a very beautiful name for this little giant panda."
And according to the common practice of pandas, Yuan Meng is believed to be a strong one. 
In the wild, female pandas raise only one cub, the one that has the most chances of survival, while the other cubs are abandoned.
SOUNDBITE (English): ANTOINE LE CLERC, Veterinarian, Zoo Beauval
"They are the only pandas in France and this is the first baby panda in France ever, so of course we have absolutely no experience in dealing with the baby panda and we have two Chinese keepers working with us, they are really amazing, I mean it's fantastic working with them because they have so much experiences, I don't know how we could have done without them." 
Yuan Meng will be ready to meet visitors on Jan. 13, 2018.