Booming canine business in India

Added On December 6, 2017

One of India's biggest pet-shows took place in New Delhi over the weekend. 
The show offers animal lovers everything from warm jackets to shoes, to even deodorants for their beloved pets. 
Lifestyles went to check it out.
STANDUP (English): ASHWANI UPADHYAY, CNC correspondent
"Pet-care business caught the attention of Indians of late. But today, it is a booming business in the country. And experts even suggest that this pet-care business of India is now the fastest growing in Asia."
"Pet-Fed" is one of India's biggest pet-congregations.
From cutie pugs to ferocious Labrador-retrievers to fluffy Persian cats - more than 3000 animals throng the fair with their owners. 
SOUNDBITE1 (English)AKSHAY GUPTA, Organizer of Pet-Fed
"There is an event for every liking of a human-being - be it food, music, art, fashion whatever. But there was nothing for animals. So I thought why not to introduce something for people who love pets, who have pets, so they can come here, have fun, chill, learn new things and get to spend more quality time with their dogs."
25-year old Akshay Gupta started 'Pet-Fed' four years ago.
The response has been incredible, and his company has grown ten-fold.
"I like being here.So these kind of events should be repeated twice or thrice in a year."
The convention is packed full of events, allowing dogs to show off their skills. 
If you think that your dog has a talent, head to "Pet's Got Talent"...
Want to let your puppy loose on a peppy tune, head to the "pupper parade"...
A security dog-show gives dogs a chance to demonstrate their protective skills.
And at the canine fashion show, pet-pooches hit the catwalk in the latest fashionable attire.
While fun for pets and owners, for others this "meet-and-greet" is a chance for serious business - like Pavni Talwar.
Pavni started manufacturing pet products with a pet-shampoo three years ago. Now she is producing eight different pet-grooming products. 
SOUNDBITE 3 (English)PAVNI TALWAR, Director of Petacom
"People are now becoming aware of the ingredients that go into the manufacturing of products. So because of the awareness they want best for their dogs."
With people having more disposable income, India has become the latest market to go pet crazy. 
In the last half decade, the canine industry has grown at over 25 percent a year to become a 380-million-U.S. dollar industry.