New archaeological discoveries in Egypt

Added On December 6, 2017

Restorers working on a mosque in Egypt, have discovered 1,200 year old sections of an earlier shrine.
The discovery was made as part of efforts  to conserve the dome on the Al-Imam Al-Shafie mosque in Cairo.
It is believed the shrine was built after Al-Imam Al-Shafie was buried there in 820 AD, and consisted of an open courtyard with three prayer niches attached to a domed hall. 
Also, uncovered sections were decorated carved stucco features, coloured marble, stone flooring and fragments of a masonry dome.
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC): KHALED EL-ANANY, Egypt's Antiquities Minister
"The archaeologists found under the marble ground, as the ground of the mosque was fallen. When they came to fix it, they found monuments in previous ages with one meter high. The year of 2017 is full of archaeological discoveries. Today, we found new discoveries in the Islamic heritage."
The Mausoleum of Imam Shafi'i is located in old Cairo. The Imam was the founder of one of the four rites of Sunni Islam, and is considered to be one of the Muslim world's great saints.