China Shared Bikes to hit African Market

Added On December 7, 2017

After launching in places from Milan to Malaysia, the Chinese firm Mobike is bringing its bicycle-sharing system to Nairobi, Kenya. 
The firm says it hopes to reduce the capital's traffic congestion and give locals a cleaner way to take short trips. 
China's Mobike Technology Company presented its shared bicycles at United Nations Environmental Assembly this week in Nairobi.
Company official Steve Milton says they will first launch the services in Nairobi and then other African cities in the near future. 
SOUNDBITE:STEVE MILTON, Mobike Technology Company
"We brought 100 bikes here at the assembly in Nairobi, these are the first Mobikes in Africa and we going to evaluate and see how it goes here and maybe in the future, I can't say when, we would see Mobikes in the rest of Africa."  
Milton says bicycles are absolutely environmentally friendly.
SOUNDBITE:STEVE MILTON, Mobike Technology Company
"So in Africa we have issues that we have in other markets, which is congestion and pollution, and those are the things Mobike tackles. So I think the need for Mobikes is certainly here, we just have to work out how we do when we do it."
The shared bicycles are equipped with sim cards and GPS for locating and bluetooth unlocking on smart phone apps.
The tubeless bikes can last for four years without maintenance. They can be returned to either designated Mobike locations or any regular bike parking area.
SOUNDBITE:STEVE MILTON, Mobike Technology Company
"So shared bikes means you don't need to have your own bike, you can use one at any time, it's convenient for what we call last-mile transportation, moving from you office to train station or other location, so its super convenient and its shared economy."
Mobikes are currently in use in 12 countries, including China, the United States, Germany, Italy, Singapore and others.