China's Saihanba Gags top UN Environment Award

Added On December 7, 2017

China's Saihanbaafforestation community has scooped a prestigious UN environment award for its outstanding contribution to restoration of degraded landscapes.
China Report takes you there to have a look. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): DIA MIRZA, UN Environment Programme 
"Insprition and Action award is China's Saihanba afforestation community.Please join me welcoming the representative, Madam Chen Yanxian  to the stage."
The announcement was made in Nairobi during the ongoing third edition of the United Nations Environment Assembly.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): CHEN YANXIAN, Representative of Saihanba Forest Farm
"We appreciate the UN Environment Programme for giving the award to Saihanba. This will encourage us to create more green miracles. The award will inspire more Chinese people to start protecting the environment. The earth will become a more harmonious and beautiful place through these actions."
China bagged three of the six prizes presented to pioneers in environmental conservation during this year's edition of Champions of the Earth Award.
The Saihanba region covers about 93,000 hectares in north China's Hebei Province.
In the 1950s, the area almost became a waste land due to rampant felling of trees.
Let's find out what has happened during these years when the wilderness is turned into oasis.
Three generation of foresters from Saihanba have managed to increase the forest cover from 11.4 percent to 80 percent.
The reclaimed landscape currently supplies nearly 140 million cubic meters of clean water to Beijing.
CNC correspondent talked to representatives from the three generations of foresters, let's hear what they say.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) CHEN YANXIAN, Representative of Saihanba Forest Farm
"The award is the highest honor in UN's environmental protection area. I feel very proud since the award is the recognition of our afforestation achievement from home and abroad. In the past, life in Saihanba was hard. However, the 369 foresters of the first generation continued to work under severe conditions for the green dream."
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LIU HAIYING, Representative of Saihanba Forest Farm
"55 years of hard work has changed Saihanba's waste land into forests, also, with profits. The UN award gives us excitement and encouragement, at the same time, we will take it as a motivation to move on."
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): YU SHITAO, Representative of Saihanba Forest Farm
"I feel so honored that I can represent the third generation of Saihanba Forest Farm to accept the award. In the future, I will follow the inspiration of the first generation and direction of the second generation, work harder to make the forest farm a more beautiful place."