China-Denmark conclude tourism year

Added On December 7, 2017

The 2017 China-Denmark Tourism Year wrapped up with a gala closing ceremony in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen on Tuesday.
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The closing ceremony was held at the Royal Theater's Old Stage in downtown Copenhagen.
Among the 1,000 strong crowd were Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, Chairman of China National Tourism Administration Li Jinzao, and the Chinese Ambassador Deng Ying. 
SOUNDBITE 1(ENGLISH): FREDERIK, the Crown Prince of Denmark
"My certainly thinks is assessing our already very strong ties, we had for many many years. The last ten years we had, even stronger ties between, in all levels of society between China and Denmark."
SOUNDBITE 2(CHINESE): LI JINZAO, Chairman of China National Tourist Association
"In February there was one impressive event that is Royal Highness Crown Prince took part in Guangzhou, China. And CNT hosted an event in Copenhagen, that is named The Light of Copenhagen."
Ambassador Deng Ying said tourism is a bridge that links different cultures and enhances understanding between peoples.
When it was launched in Beijing in February this year, Denmark became the first country in Europe to celebrate a Tourism Year with China.
Over the past few months, a host of tourism exchange and cooperation events were staged, including "Lighten up Copenhagen", the promotion of the Tea Road, "Panda's Tour in Denmark" and China-Denmark Forum on Tourism Cooperation.
Denmark has witnessed a growing number of Chinese tourists.
Figures show that Chinese tourists to Denmark quadrupled to about 200,000 in 2015 from only 50,000 in 2010.