Chinese paintings in Nepal

Added On December 7, 2017

The work of Chinese artist Liu Junqi has gone on display in Nepal for the first time. 
Under the theme of "Ancient Echo, New Silk Road" the exhibition looks to strengthen the bonds between the people of the two countries through art and culture.
The one-day exhibition is called simply the "Liu Junqi Art Exhibition".
It features dozens of ink paintings made by the Chinese artist Liu Junqi, an expert in the field of ancient Chinese mural research.
According to the organizer, Liu Junqi has successfully studied the ancient murals in China's Maijishan Grottoes and Dunhuang for more than 30 years.
He has created his own unique style of free hand ink painting of horses, which is different from those of ancient and contemporary era.
While his work has previously been shown in Japan, United States, Britain, Australia and China, this is the first time Liu Junqi has gone on display in Nepal.
The exhibition is being held as part of a wider movement to strengthen the bonds between people of Nepal and China through art and cultural exchanges.