Israeli air force announces F-35 squadron operational

Added On December 7, 2017

Israel's air force has announced that its new squadron of fighter jets is now fully operational.

The planes are U.S.-made F-35 models.
An Israeli military spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday Israel began setting up the"Golden Eagle" squadron in December 2016 after the arrival of the first F-35, or "Adir" as it is known in Israel.
He added specially trained dedicated crews received the Adir.
Aside from the U.S., Israel's air force is the only air force that operates the Adir aircraft. 
The military considers the F-35 a key means of enhancing its strategic and operational capabilities. 
The squadron's current nine aircraft are among the 50 F-35s that Israel has agreed to buy from the U.S..
Israel received about three billion U.S. dollars in defense aid from the U.S. for this purchase.