Russia won't boycott Olympics over IOC ban

Added On December 7, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Russia will not boycott the 2018 Winter Olympics, despite being handed a ban by the IOC for doping.

On Wednesday, Putin said that Russia will not stand in any athlete's way if they want to compete in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics as neutral Olympians. 
"We will definitely not be announcing any sort of blockades and will not be impeding the participation of our athletes if any of them decide to take part in the Olympics under the neutral status. Many people have been working on this during their whole life. It's very important for them. Therefore, we won't forbid anything, block or make conditions impossible for participating. But we need to review all the decisions in detail on paper, the final decision should be taken by assembly of the Olympics." 
On Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee announced that Russia is barred from the 2018 Winter Olympics, alleging that Russia had carried out and hidden a mass state-sponsored doping programme.