Brexit impact assessments do not exist

Added On December 8, 2017

UK government ministers have denied having any impact assessments, looking at what will happen when the UK leaves the EU.
On Wednesday, Brexit Secretary David Davis said the usefulness of such assessments would be "near zero", because of the sweeping changes Brexit is likely to cause.
Instead, David said the government had produced a "sectoral analysis" of different industries - but not a "forecast" of what would happen when the UK leaves the EU.
The line was repeated by Theresa May at the weekly Prime Minister's Questions. 
She said "sectoral analysis", not "impact assessments" had been drawn up - adding that the government would not give a running commentary on the negotiations.
This hasn't been enough for opposition groups, who decried the lack of planning. 
Labour called the Conservatives a "shambles". The Liberal Democrats say impact assessments were urgently needed.