Electric Taxi debut in London

Added On December 8, 2017

The London black cab has been an icon of the British capital for years - with it's rounded shape, and tight turning circle.
But now the taxis are getting a make-over, bringing the cab into a new era.
Lifestyles went for a sneak peak.
The London EV Company launched its all-new electric TX taxi in London on Tuesday.
Londoners will soon be able to ride through the city's streets in incredible comfort, technology at their fingertips, and safe in the knowledge that they are sitting in the world's cleanest, most advanced taxi. 
"What I just recognize this cab is totally new from the ground up, this is bounded aluminum body with approve electrical architecture, and what we called a range standard, small 1.5 cylinder engine. The basically operates to recharge the battery or to maintain the charge in the battery, it never drives the wheels on the road, that's always be electric. So this is vehicle design to improve the air quality of all of our cities. But what I said it's build from ground up, this is totally new inside, you can now take 6 instead of 5 passengers in far more comfort today, and ride-hailing is much improved, this is like modern limousine. For the taxi driver, much improve the cabin, battery economics, more comforts." 
The new taxi comes designed for the modern city. Class leading wheelchair access, air conditioning, phone charging and a much more spacious cabin with six seats. 
There are new wide opening rear hinged doors, power sockets for laptops, on-board wifi, contactless card machines and an expansive panoramic roof.
The company has received thousands expressions of interest in London since order books opened on August 1, and the first electric taxi models will arrive in the hands of drivers this month. 
It's a new era for the black cab. 
The firm has fallen on hard times and gone five years without making a profit. Bought out of administration by the Chinese firm Geely in 2012, it has since gone from strength to strength.
"Well, I think we have to go back to when Li Shufu decided to buy what was then London Taxi Company. He already had his vision of where he want this company to go, and he's always you know very focus on new energy vehicles. So the vision was always there, then you have the backing of Geely to make it happen. You then have the technology from the wide Geely family, then help put the electric in this taxi."
Having been put through the most rigorous testing regime in the company's history, the new taxi is ready to go to work.
"I think it will be popular, cause are you look at it, you can tell this is quite essentially looks like a London cab, but what one has to recognize, is shape of this cab is what you get, when you purpose design to build a taxi from the ground up. I think it will become popular, because of its practicality , and then when you say, every signal city in the world has pollution issue, and you want this vehicle then to help you control that issue."
To help combat pollution, all London Electric Vehicle products use its eCity technology comprising of an advanced battery electric powertrain with a small back-up petrol generator. 
Unlike the previous taxi, the vehicle's multi-filter system works to remove gases and particles from the incoming air. 
Meaning that passengers can breathe safely, in the city once known as the big smog.