Young man builds Jet by hand

Added On December 8, 2017

Like many looking up, a young man from northeast China always dreams of owning his own plane. 
But where for many the dream stops there, Zhu Yue has gone ahead and made his very own full size Airbus A320. 
Let's take a look.
Zhu Yue always dreams of having his own airplane, ever since he was a boy. 
Unable to afford one, the farmer and motorbike repairman decided to simply make one himself.
"I love all kinds of aircraft since I was a boy. Although I cannot afford a real one, I can make one model by my hands like this. I want to build one with the same external contours as the real one."
He and his five friends set to work, using basic tools, at the beginning of this year. 
Within a year, they had finished this: a life-size Airbus A320.
The impressive full-size replica is 37 meters long and 36 meters wide.
The model uses 40 tons iron, and cost 800 thousand yuan, or about 120 thousand U.S. dollars.
To get it just right, Zhu used 3-D measuring software to calculate the precise details of his model.
While the plane may be stuck on the ground, his dreams are not. Zhu now aims to share the creation with as many people as possible, by turning the plane into a hotel or a restaurant.