Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem

Added On December 11, 2017

In Israel tensions have increased after U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Amid the rising conflict, an Israeli security guard was stabbed by a Palestinian attacker on Sunday outside Jerusalem's central bus station.
"Here in Jerusalem a short while ago, a Palestinian 24 year-old stabbed a private security guard, who was carrying out security measures in the entrance of the Central bus station. As a result the security guard was injured seriously  heighten security is in and around the area of Jerusalem in order to prevent any other terrorist attacks from taking place and our police units are patrolling in and around the central bus station and the light rail way and in and around the area of the old city."
The suspect is a Palestinian resident of the West Bank. After he attacked, he was chased and arrested by a civilian and a policeman nearby.
A police statement described it as a "terror attack."
Israel's emergency services said the 25-year-old Israeli guard had sustained serious injuries and was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.