Britain urged to stay in single market

Added On January 8, 2018

A group of European politicians have released a letter, calling on Britain to remain a member of the single market.
Their intervention comes as Nigel Farage who launched Britain's campaign to leave the European Union will meet the chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels on Monday.
The two men will meet after Farage requested a meeting. His call came after Barnier met a group of British pro-remain politicians from Westminster.
Farage said Barnier had been listening to people who want to stop or delay Brexit, while he would represent the 17.4 million people in Britain who voted in the June, 2016 referendum to leave by a 52-48 margin.
The intensity of the war of words between leavers and remainers is expected to become heated in the coming months as crucial negotiations on a future trade deal between Britain and the EU gather pace.
Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted Britain will leave the EU in March, 2019, and at the same time will leave the EU single market and the customs union.
The Guardian newspaper reported that Theresa May is being urged by 20 British cross-party MEPs to change course and seek full membership of the European single market and customs.