Environment protection campaign in Cairo

Added On January 8, 2018

Egyptian capital city of Cairo has launched a campaign to raise people's awareness of environmental protection.
Named "Be Like Adam," the campaign encourages local residents, especially young people to make Cairo's streets clean and tidy.
"It's amazing that the responsibility becomes a public responsibility, not only for the governor or a ministry. We have to own the streets again and the streets should be decorated with trees and roses."
SOUNDBITE 2 (Arabic): MARIAM, Participant
"Today we take on the 'Be Like Adam' campaign. We want to tell all people that we should be like Adam, the first human being on the earth, who lived on a beautiful land. We want Egypt to be always the most beautiful country on the earth."
Cairo has been devoting to turn itself into a beautiful and clean city.
In 2014, the Egyptian government announced the Strategic Urban Development Plan for Greater Cairo Region 2050, which aims to upgrade and renovate Greater Cairo region.