China's armed forces conduct anti-terror drill

Added On January 9, 2018

Armed forces in Fujian Province displayed their skills in an anti-terror combat drill amid harsh conditions.
In cold rainy weather, a team from the Fujian Armed Forces headed into a mountainous area as part of anti-terror drill. They've been told terrorists are hiding there.
At the same time another simulation takes place in which supposed terrorists hijack a tourist boat with hostages and flee in the opposite direction. 
The military team swings into action immediately, taking two boats to corner the terrorists to an island.
After the simulated negotiation fails, the team's commander offers to substitute the hostages. 
Once on board, he captures the leader.
The rest of the team charge into the mountainous area, killing one terrorist and capturing the others.
Yu Fadong, in charge of the team, says the drill enhances cooperation between the members. 
"The drill was conducted in a problem-oriented way. It tested the commanding ability of officers and the reaction capability of soldiers under extreme conditions, as well as the collaborative ability of the whole team. Next we are going to increase the training intensity, keep on practicing and continue with a combat drill, in order to increase the real combat capability of the whole team."