More Nigerians return from Libyan slave camp

Added On January 11, 2018

181 immigrants have returned home to Nigeria, as part of an international programme in Libya.
Lifestyle was there to see them arrive.
In the late hours of Monday, 181 Nigerians arrive back to their native homeland.
Many return showing signs of maltreatment and abuse after being held in detention camps in Libya. 
The returnees compose of 112 males, six male children, one male infant and 62 females. 
They express their gratitude at being rescued, and relief to be home.
The scheme is being supported by the International Organization for Migration . 
Thousands of Nigerians have headed North with the aim of reaching Europe, through illegal and treacherous crossings across the Mediterranean sea.
Instead, many end up trapped in Libya, a volatile state that has been accused of exploiting the cheap labour.
SOUNDBITE:AISHA GAFFAR,rescued Nigerian immigrant
"On reaching Libya,I was made to be a servant which meant that I cleaned the house and did other duties but later they started beating and maltreating me because of food.I had no clothes to wear.If they bought clothes for me they would always take it back.They would say I was not worthy to wear the clothes.When I got tired of suffering,I asked to be deported because I could not bear it anymore."
Nigeria says it plans to speed up repatriating its citizens from Libya, so more can come home.