Houston 65th Charity Cat Show

Added On January 11, 2018

To Texas now, where more than 200 cats have taken part in this year's Houston Charity Cat Show.
Going for 65 years now, the event has grown into one of the largest and most well-known cat shows in the country.
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The Houston Cat Club has been hosting the cat show since 1951.
The event not only includes a model catwalk in front of the judges - there are also a number of groomers and pet products here, to get each cat "feline" "purr-fect".
Becky Galloway, the president of Houston Cat Club, said it's kitty passion that keeps bringing everyone back. 
SOUNDBITE 1 (ENGLISH): BECKY GALLOWAY, President of Houston Cat Club
"Cat club had been in existence for over a hundred years and it's a group of people that get together because they love the cats. They want to protect the pedigrees and protect their breeds and continue their lines, continue their breeds." 
Cat judge Donna Fuller explained that the cat competition has two categories, pedigree and non-pedigree, so that everyone can take part. 
"For non-pedigree, they can be rescues, they can be just pets. The only requirements are that they'd be spayed or neutered if they're over eight months old. It's just a beauty contest. For the pedigreed cats, each pedigreed breed has a written standard that describes everything about how the cat is and we judge how closely each exhibit meets its standard." 
The winners aren't just those with the rosettes.
Animal shelters from the Houston area have free space to bring along unadopted cats to find them new homes.
All the profits from the cat show are being donated to local animal welfare organizations - for a paw-sitive outcome.