UN Offcial Concerned Over Colombias Peace

Added On January 11, 2018

After rebels in Colombia resumed attacks, a UN official has expressed concerns over Colombia's peace prospects.
Jean Arnault, head of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, addressed the UN Security Council, saying peace in the country remains uncertain.
He said leaders of the rebel National Liberation Army, also known as ELN, have failed to show willingness to build peace.
SOUNDBITE(English): JEAN ARNAULT, UN Verification Mission in Colombia 
"The ELN had voiced very strong reservations on the implementation of the temporary cease-fire and the humanitarian commitments attached to it. And while the ELN leadership has proposed the negotiation of a stronger cease-fire, they have remained, until recently, silent on their posture after the end of the temporary cease-fire yesterday."
Conflict has returned to certain areas of the country, making peace negotiations more difficult. 
SOUNDBITE(English): JEAN ARNAULT, UN Verification Mission in Colombia 
"Unfortunately, it was just announced a few minutes ago, that attacks by the ELN against pipelines have resumed. We will follow closely development in this respect, and we will keep the council informed."
The ELN, founded by radical Roman Catholic priests in 1964, is considered a terrorist group by the US and the EU.