2018 Consumer Electronics Show

Added On January 12, 2018

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is taking place in Las Vegas this week, the world's biggest consumer tech event.
Over 20,000 products are on show, from giant televisions, to self-driving suitcases, to fridges that can order your shopping.
Lifestyles went to explore more.
The show opened its doors on Tuesday to unveil the latest in consumer technology.
More than 4,000 exhibitors are here, filling over a quarter of a million square meters of floor space.
Every major industry is represented here, with global brands and a record-number of start-ups involved.
Technologies span everything from self-driving vehicles, smart cities, artificial intelligence, sports tech, robotics to health and fitness tech and more.
While not all will be a hit, and some will go no further than the prototypes on display, each promises to revolutionize how people live, work and play.
Some see the event as a guide for future developments in the tech industry. Others see the event as a giant wish list: toys from tomorrow, available today. 
The show lasts until Friday, with many of the products hitting the shops in the years to come.