Spain's first carnival of the year

Added On January 12, 2018

Nearly every Spanish village has its own long history of popular carnival or fiesta.
Kicking off the 2018 calendar is La Vijanera - Spain's first fiesta of the year.
The festival is held in the northern region of Cantabria, across the valleys of Iguna, Toranzo, Campoo and Polanciones.
Over 60 traditional personalities in the carnival - all dressed in colorful traditional costumes and travel over the region.
Called Zarramacos, these men are dressed in sheepskins with bells on their backs and their faces are painted black. Their purpose of this fiesta is to get rid of the demons and bad luck of the New Year.
The fiesta ends with two symbolic events.
The birth of the new year and the death of the bear, which represents the triumph of the devil and the beginning of prosperity.
With the fiesta becoming more popular in recent years, residents plan to build a museum looking back at the long history of this colorful and symbolic event.
Having seen in around 2,000 years so far in this tradition, the locals plan to see in a few more yet.