Helsinki light festival

Added On January 12, 2018

The tenth annual Lux Helsinki light festival took place in the Finnish capital this week.
Around half a million visitors turned out for the spectacular illuminations.
Lifestyles was there to take a look.
Across the center of Helsinki, some of the city's famous landmarks get a light filled facelift - such as the great facade of the Cathedral on Senate Square.
This massive projector show was created by Laszio Bordos from Hungary, a world leading 3D mapping pioneer. 
Inspiration for the installation came from the album Konstellaatio by the late Finnish musician Mika Vainio.
The illusion is just one taking place in this year's Lux Helsinki light festival.
Each evening, between five and 10, installations from many of Finland's and global artists light up, throwing their colours over the hundreds of watchers below. 
This year, there is an environmentally-friendly lantern exhibition put together by students. Together, they send a clear green signal with recycled materials such as: plastic bags, drink bottles, CD cases and glass containers.
This is the tenth year for the Lux Helsinki. Originally set up in 2009, it aims at lighting up lives during the long dark winter time. Over the five day event around five hundred thousand people took part.