600 arrested in Tunisia protests

Added On January 12, 2018

Tunisia's government said clashes have broken out between protestors and law enforcement officers in several areas across the country.
Hundreds of individuals have been arrested as a result.
Sources from Tunisia's Ministry of Interior on Thursday said at least 600 individuals have been arrested since Monday. 
The clashes took place in a dozen provinces in Tunisia. Conflict arose after demonstrators tried to break into sovereign institutions and target law enforcement officers. 
In Kasserine Province, witnesses on Thursday said security forces withdrew and army soldiers took control of the area after their district in Thala city was burned.
Djerba, in the southeast of the country, also recorded clashes.
A Jewish school was attacked by protesters wearing hoods. A witness said the rapid police intervention meant the situation did not deteriorate.
Protestors took to the streets against the high cost of living, the deterioration of purchasing power, and austerity provisions.
The wave of protests took place a few days before the seven year anniversary of the collapse of the Ben Ali regime in 2011.