Chinese made robot nurses in Thai hospital

Added On January 13, 2018

In Thailand, robot nurses produced in China have been helping to treat patients at a hospital in Bangkok.
A Bangkok hospital has purchased three Chinese made robot nurses to help medical staff at its busy outpatient ward.
Dressed in a nurse's uniforms, the robot nurses are used to deliver medical documents between departments.
Dr. Reinthong Nanna explained the technical term for his yellow mobile machine nurses is Automated Guided Vehicles or AGV Robots.
He added he and his staff can rely on them as they are both efficient and accurate.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) DR. REINTHONG NANNA, Head of Mongkutwattana General Hospital
"We use robot at the first step, beginning step, beginning phase just for trial project first. We plan to use robots in many departments of the hospital, i.e. in the pharmacy department, for the kitchen and laundry department. This AGV we can integrate with existing elevator to many many floors, to transport, to the counters. We can save labor and use our staff to pay attention to our customers.
Not only do the AGV nurses offer a helping hand, they tend to delight the patients too, especially children.
SOUNDBITE(THAI) Nurse, Mongkutwattana General Hospital
"The great thing about having the robot nurses around is that they can help us deliver documents so we can spend more time with the patients."
The robot nurses show how China's innovation is benefiting neighboring countries.