Acropolis treasures on display in Shanghai

Added On January 13, 2018

Antiquities from Acropolis Museum have gone on show in Shanghai.
Visitors can see two authentic artifacts from the Athen's landmark - each over 2,000 years old.
Lifestyles went to take a look.
On Thursday, visitors at the Shanghai Museum had their first chance to see a slice of genuine Ancient Greek history.
Thanks to a cultural agreement two antiquities are on loan from Athens' Acropolis Museum.
The first is a marble statue of a Kore, one of the site's most beautiful, that dates to over two and half thousand years ago. 
The second is a 2,300 year old Lekanis Lid decorated with a typical Greek scene. 
Meanwhile in Athens, two Shanghai Museum treasures have gone the other way.  
Greeks are being treated to a bronze pan of Zi Zhong Jiang, and the hand scroll painting "Traveling along the Clear River."
"Treasures from the Acropolis Museum" runs until April 8.