Shanghai flavor in New York

Added On January 13, 2018

In the run up to the biggest festival on the Chinese calendar, New Yorkers are getting the chance to explore culture from the Orient.
Grand Central Terminal has been filled with skilled craftsmen as part of "Shanghai Week". 
Lifestyles went to take a closer look.
As part of "Happy Chinese New Year - Shanghai Week" held in New York City ,the "Shanghai Flavor" cultural heritage fair has attracted a number of visitors.
The event showcases folk culture and authentic Chinese traditions through photos, videos, performances and a variety of interactive activities.
On offer are handicrafts, such as paper-cutting, dough sculptures, and Peking Opera facial masks.
Each brings a touch of the Orient to America's East Coast, and is helping to widen viewers' understanding about China.
"It's like more deep cuts Chinese imagery and culture that you don't normally see. It's great to expand our understanding, not only Chinese New Year but Chinese culture in general and the city of Shanghai. I have got myself this lovely monkey, a foil painting. He makes it from aluminum soda can, like Coca-cola bottles, and gives a little moon there for my monkey."
A photo exhibition named "Amazing Shanghai" is also taking place at Grand Central Station.
"Happy Chinese New Year - Shanghai Week" runs until Friday.