Chinese companies shine at CES

Added On January 14, 2018

From "made in China" to "innovated in China", a few big names from China have earned center positions at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.
Let's have a look.
The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, which concluded Friday in Las Vegas, drew some 4,000 exhibitors from dozens of countries.
Over 1500 Chinese companies made their appearances at this year's show. 
With great products and better innovation, Chinese companies such as TCL, ZTE, Haier and Hisense have become well-known among Western customers.
According to Li Dongsheng, CEO of Chinese electronics company TCL, the sales of its products in North America doubled in 2017, with TV sales accounting for 9.1 percent in the region.
"We are making more efforts in marketing promotion this year. We brought our product line including TV, mobile phone, home appliances to CES. "
Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE also achieved a great deal in 2017. 
Axon M, ZTE's dual-screen foldable smartphone showcased at the show and won the Innovation Award of 2018 CES. 
SOUNDBITE: CHENG LIXING, President of ZTE Mobile Devices Business
"We have been working with American major carriers for many years. Now we have gained 12 percent market share here in the U.S. and we secured the 4th place.
Representatives from Consumer Technology Association expressed their recognition as CES organizer.
SOUNDBITE:BRIAN MOON, Vice President of International Sales, CTA
"There are several hundred companies from China that participate at CES. To see companies, such as Huawei, who is a company from Shenzhen and now they are global technology company, their CEO of its Consumer Business Group Richard Yu is now a two-time keynote speaker at CEO. So I think the opportunity is tremendous. And there are certainly other companies such as Haier, Hisense, Konka, Skyworth and Alibaba, who have grown tremendously in term of their booth size, but also their presence. So it shows that Chinese companies are growing tremendously in consumer technology."
Holding one-third of all booths, Chinese tech companies, including industry giants like Baidu and Alibaba as well as startups put their home-grown gadgets on display at the three-day Consumer Electronics Show.