Cold wave affects animals' diet in zoo

Added On January 14, 2018

The cold wave has hit Spain recently, with the temperature dropped sharply. 
Not only humans but also animals have to adapt to the severe weather. 
Lifestyles takes a look. 
The BIOPARC zoo in Valencia is famous as a tourist attraction and as an important research center and breeding facility for endangered animals.
Colder weather means the animals need to increase their intake of calories and extra vitamins.
To help, the zoo has made important changes of animals' diet. 
"According to the low temperature in winter, we prepare vegetable soups for the chimpanzees and gorillas. They can feel the cold just as we do, so before they go outside we give them the soup and they really like it." 
Besides, there are some other adjustments. The central heating system ensures that water temperatures remain warm to keep the hippos comfortable. 
Meanwhile, special care is given to reptiles, such as crocodiles, who are susceptible to the cold, given that they are cold blooded and cannot generate their own heat.