Greeks strike over new Austerity bill

Added On January 14, 2018

Greek labor unions staged a first round of strikes and protests on Friday over a new austerity bill debated in parliament.
Thousands of protesters marched in central Athens, including state hospital doctors, construction workers, and other members of labor unions.
It was a 24-hour nationwide warning strike, the first major mobilization of 2018.
On Friday, ships remained moored at ports, as the Panhellenic Seamen's Union participated in the strike, and commuters faced traffic jams due to transport employees' mobilization.
On Monday, civil service unions, the umbrella union, and air traffic controllers, had also announced a three-hour stoppage.
Labor unions warn of escalation of industrial actions regardless of Monday's vote inside the assembly.
According to the police data, more than 12,000 protests have been staged in Athens since the start of the crisis. Dozens of general strikes have been called by the largest unions.
As austerity bills are approved despite strikes, some Greeks question the effectiveness of walk outs and demonstrations.