Chinese internet service available in Nepal

Added On January 14, 2018

The Nepal-China cross-border optical fiber link has come into commercial operation after almost one year planing.

"With the formal inauguration of Nepal-China cross border optical fiber link, the commercial operation of Chinese internet has formally begun in Nepal from today. It has been regarded as a milestone for the development of internet service in Nepal, not just in terms of reliable and affordable service but it will also end Nepal's sole dependence upon India for internet service. "     
Nepal's Minister for Information and Communications Mohan Bahadur Basnet inaugurated the commercial operation of the linkage on Friday.
Two state-owned telecommunication companies from Nepal and China Telecom established the linkage, providing Nepal an alternative route to receive internet services through China. 
The commercial operation Nepal-China network was planned last year after Nepal Telecom and China Telecom signed a commercial agreement on December 6, 2016. 
Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Basnet termed the operation of the fiber link as a milestone for the development of internet infrastructure in Nepal. 
"This link will further strengthen the long standing strong bilateral relations between the two countries." 
Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong said this linkage would bring the two countries even closer and create business potentials.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): YU HONG, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal 
"It will not only shorten the network between China and Nepal through communication traffic but will also make the two countries closer to each other. Two economies will be benefitted and will explore the business potentials."
The Nepal Telecom believes that the linkage would help enhance the reliability of the internet service in Nepal, in terms of ensuring reliable, cost effective and quality services in Nepal.