Laos transfers 104 fraud suspects to China

Added On January 14, 2018

Lao police have transferred 104 telecommunications fraud suspects to the Chinese side. 
The handover ceremony was held in Lao capital Vientiane on Friday. 
In the second half of 2017, Chinese police found that a group of crime suspects were conducting fraud activities in Laos with a huge amount of money involved.     
Chinese and Lao police have paid great attention to this case and carried out investigation. 
In December, police from the two countries cracked down on six telecommunications fraud spots in Lao capital Vientiane and Luang Prabang province, arresting 104 suspects.
In the past years, China and Laos have achieved fruitful results in cooperation of law enforcement and security.
In 2017, the two countries cooperated to investigate a total of 18 cases.