DPRK inter Korean problems solvable

Added On January 14, 2018

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said Saturday the recent inter-Korean talks have proved the two sides can solve all problems between them.
The DPRK and South Korea on Tuesday held their first high-level talks in almost two years.
Both sides have achieved a number of agreements. They range from cooperation in the PyeongChang Olympics to taking measures to ease tensions on the peninsula.
Also on Saturday, South Korea and the DPRK agreed to hold working-level talks next week,  which will discuss the DPRK's dispatch of its art troupe to the Winter Olympics hosted by South Korea.
However, DPRK accused the United States of trying to jeopardize the inter-Korean relations by sending another nuclear carrier to the West Pacific.
The United States has also made it public it is deploying aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in the waters off the Korean Peninsula.
Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Pyongyang.