Xinhua launches english news app

Added On January 23, 2018

China's official Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday launched an English-language mobile portal, the Xinhua News app.
The move aims to combine the agency's reporting strength with the latest digital technology. 
According to a Xinhua press release, the app will "connect China to the world" and update users with round-the-clock reporting, telling China stories and reporting world affairs in a comprehensive, timely and objective way.
The app uses artificial intelligence to enable more precise news service, and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.
The agency's president Cai Mingzhao said that Xinhua will serve global users more intelligently and precisely based on the latest information technology.
Guests at the launching ceremony also praised the news app.
SOUNDBITE: MASOOD KHALID, Pakistani Ambassador to China
"I think this is a very good move for general listners who want to know about China, who want to know and see about China. So I think this app will help us understand more about China's development, China's economy, China's politics."
This is China's first mainstream media app to offer users an intelligent recommendation service. 
This highly individualized service is made possible through the construction of an English media database.
The app also leverages on Xinhua's extensive global news-gathering network and a multimedia, multichannel, multi-tier and multifunctional news release system.
SOUNDBITE: MASOOD KHALID, Pakistani Ambassador to China
"I think Xinhua is playing an important role in disseminating information about China to the world and to the international community. It has many offices all over the world. I think this application will help in promoting better understanding about China, Chinese people, Chinese culture, Chinese  civilization,and Chinese history." 
Xinhua is the largest all-media organization in China and an influential global news agency with more than 230 branches and over 3,000 journalists across China and the world.