Talk show spree in China

Added On February 7, 2018

A rising number of stand-up comedies, or talk shows, are gaining popularity in China. 
Thanks to the popping up of special venues, swathes of ordinary people are getting taking to the stage and braving it in front of an audience.
Lifestyles went to watch them in action.
Toastmasters International has seven branches across Shenyang, the capital of northeast China’s Liaoning Province.
Here Chinese and English talk shows are organized weekly.
Most of the topics discussed are related to entertainment.
Many people are here to improve their quick thinking abilities, expression and communication. 
With each show on the stage, the more confidence and skills they gain.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): LIN MINYUE, Stand-up comedy performer
"In the past, I think that the talk show is about showing myself on the stage and letting others know I'm the best. Now, I have realized that a good presenter needs to pass on the positive energy through what he or she says."
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): YANG WENCHUAN, Stand-up comedy performer
"In the talk show club, the biggest change is that I found some new aspects of myself. For example, I'm humorous, gregarious and handsome. This is very important to me." 
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): ZHANG GENGYUAN, Stand-up comedy performer
"The core of the talk show is to deliver useful information. When I give the speech, I often find that there's much that I don't know. Then, I began to read more books and I realized that I have a lot to learn."
The talk show dates back for generations, but it really began to boom in the 20th century with the advent of TV and radio. 
Today it is easier than ever to get involved with, with millions taking to the internet each day to stream their thoughts and interests.