China supports Jordan in anti-terror fight

Added On February 9, 2018

The Chinese Embassy in Jordan on Wednesday provided security supplies to the country's officials, a gesture to support Jordan in its anti-terror fight. 
A handing-over ceremony was held on Wednesday at the Department of Communications and Information Technology in the capital Amman.
China's Ambassador to Jordan Pan Weifang said the supplies are to help Jordan's public security in its fight against crime and terrorism.
Pan added that China is keen to increase and develop bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in the field of security, combating terrorism and crime.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): PAN WEIFANG, Chinese Ambassador to Jordan
"We want to enlarge and deepen our collaborations with you on all fields. Because of the large number of Syrian refugees living here, you have to provide humanitarian assistance and they are using some of your facilities, education, health and public security resources. You are paying for that cost and you are working very well.We believe that we have large potentials to develop our collaborations."
Jordanian Public Security Director Major General Ahmad Sarhan al-Faqih thanked the Chinese government for the aid. 
SOUNDBITE (ARABIC): AHMAD SARHAN AL-FAQIH, Jordanian Public Security Director
"Having China as one of the very important countries in the world supporting us, I think it's a very valuable thing and we are counting on that very much."