Beidou Serves Over 200 Countries

Added On February 10, 2018

The quick positioning platform of China's Beidou navigation and positioning system is serving 
more than 200 countries and regions around the globe.
That's according to China North Industries Group Corporation Limited.
The corporation said that the location service platform of Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Inc, a 
company using Beidou services, has more than 90 million customers.
Qianxun's centimeter-level service is expected to cover the Chinese mainland in 2018, when the 
high-accuracy positioning of Beidou becomes a public service shared by all walks of life.
The corporation has also won the bidding for the construction project of a base station network 
for foreign navigation satellites, marking the first step in its bid to push applied Beidou 
system overseas.
It is looking to facilitate the establishment of a state-level high-accuracy service platform 
for Beidou, and improve innovation and application in Beidou and cutting-edge fields.