Deadlock on Brexit transition

Added On February 11, 2018

The EU warned on Friday that a transition period is "not a given" due to continuing disagreements between the EU and Britain over several key issues. 
The chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier made the remarks at a press conference after a week of technical negotiations with Britain.  
He said that the EU was waiting for Britain to "make choices" and that some of the EU's proposals on the transition period were non-negotiable. 
The main disagreements include whether to allow EU citizens who move to Britain during the transition period to acquire permanent residency, whether Britain has the right to object to new EU legislation during the period, and whether Britain should continue to participate in new justice and home affairs policies. 
Barnier said "if these disagreements persist, the transition is not a given". 
"By demanding the benefits of the single market, the customs union and common policies, the United Kingdom must accept all the rules and obligations up to now until the end of the transition. It must also assume the inevitable consequences of its decision to leave the European Union and its policies."
The latest negotiations focused on the transition arrangement and the Irish border.
The transition period is expected to span 29 March 2019 to 31 December 2020.